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Storybook Maltese

Do you want a constant companion?

When you are home, expect your dog to be at your side. Your puppy will want to be on your lap or in your arms.  We call them Velcro dogs for good reason.  If you feel this will become annoying, please seek a more independent breed.

Are you looking for an inside dog?

The Maltese breed is NOT suitable for life outside. Our Maltese puppies are for sale only as indoor pets.  They do not have an undercoat. A Maltese can easily become chilled when it’s cold outside or have heat stroke if they get too warm.  Please think about the environment your dog will spend most of its time in.

The comfort of our puppies in their new homes is very important to us.

You’ve done your research and are ready to add the love and wonder of a Maltese puppy to your life?  

If you’re interested in one of our puppies, please take a moment to

fill out a New Owner Questionnaire.

Please provide as much detail as possible about the kind of home you will be able to provide for the puppy as the more detail you can provide, the easier it will be for us to match you with the right puppy.

You can also call anytime 816-548-9800

How many hours per day are you away from home?

This breed needs to be with you most of the time in order to have a happy and content life.  If you will need to leave your dog alone a lot, this is not the right dog for you.

How much time are you willing to spending grooming?

A Maltese requires a lot of grooming. Even if kept in a puppy cut, your dog will need to be brushed daily.  You don’t want the puppy to becomeMaltese puppies for sale a matted mess.  A puppy cut may be the best idea for your puppy.

If you won’t have the time or means to keep up with grooming you may be better suited with a short haired breed.

Is A Maltese Puppy  Right For You?

Maltese puppy
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