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Good afternoon from Meadowlark House,

I am writing to tell you about why I love Maltese boys. As you know I’m in love with Maltese This love affair began almost fifteen years ago with our first Maltese, a tiny boy named Great Wizard Of OZ. Such a big name for a tiny dog so we called him Ozzie. Ozzie chose my husband while I was talking to his Breeder about another boy. They were bonded by the time I noticed what was going on and at first was a bit put out since I thought this was going to be my dog. My husband is a dog thief as you know.

We were completely new to Maltese and to tiny dogs so in our ignorance we treated him as if he were a small person and traveled the West coast with him. Ozzie was very elegant as he grew boy did he know it. He could walk on a show lead but why bother when he had an Ozzie bag and the Ozzie coup stroller. His feet rarely touched the ground when we were out. Boldy, we snuck into grocery stores, Starbucks, Barnes and Nobles book stores and even restaurants where he stayed low in his bag and I passed him treats. Scones at Starbucks were his favorite. Ozzie loved adventure and went everywhere with us. Of course, we did get discovered once and were thrown out of a grocery store. Neither of us cared for it was such fun and we left with a rotisserie chicken. Since we traveled in all kinds of weather, Ozzie had a large wardrobe of beautiful clothes and necklaces. I believe all Maltese love to dress up. In winter I dressed him like a tiny price in purple shearling. Remember that this was our first Maltese so we did not know better. Ozzie rarely barked and his tail was always curled tightly over his back. He carried himself like the aristocrat he was and smiled with pleasure at fawning guests and strangers.

In time we adopted Ozzie’s nephew. The Breeder brought him to our home and when I opened the door Shiloh immediately jumped from her arms into mine and he has been my darling boy ever since. This Maltese was completely different from Ozzie. There was none of that regal aristocratic behavior. Shiloh talked to us ! My husband and I have remarked over the years that Shiloh was Not a dog but rather a human boy in a Maltese coat. It started almost immediately. During long car rides, Shiloh watched the trucks. At the beach he watched the birds and the planes. At home he surfed the internet with me or took every toy out of his toy box to play in the box. Ozzie could ride in his coup but Shiloh would walk and run and twirl and dance. He loved to bark at the delivery men but what really convinced us he was human was Halloween. Of course, the boys both loved all holidays but for Shiloh dressing up and going to the door to see the kids in costume and help pass out treats was his best time. All bundled up and playing in the snow was his next favorite thing.

I should tell you here that because we traveled and stayed in rentals, we put bellybands on our boys. This was easy and the boys treated them like any other clothing and rarely ever peed in them.

When Ozzie left us, God led us to you and Storybook. JB came to us and shortly after a cross country move. Shiloh loved him. He was our precious puppy. Shortly after his first birthday and completing his vaccinations, he left us. It is still too hard to say much about JB except that he was like Ozzie, elegant and regal. We got Dulce our tiny female before JB left us.

Next came AngelBaby , yet another completely different personality. I remember you being somewhat taken aback when I asked if he had any rabbit in his background because he sits and rubs his face like Peter Rabbit. Such a funny boy. I could go on and tell you funny stories but I really want to tell you why I love Maltese boys. Since I now have seven Maltese in our pack, two boys and five girls I think I can speak about both genders with confidence. Honestly, there is no difference in the level of affection between the genders just variations in individual temperament. Some Maltese are very clingy while others are

more independent. We named Dulce, Bella Dulce Kiss Me endlessly for a reason. Sometimes she gets carried away but AngelBaby is the same! All Maltese are lap dogs but some will wait to be invited while others will insist as soon as you sit. All Maltese love clothes and jewelry. Shiloh loves his sun glasses and never travels without them. I do not have too much of a marking problem even with so many dogs. When we only had two boys Bellybands saved us any issues but now with girls, we do get some marking at their beds because of course the girls go au naturelle.

Some potential Maltese parents may wonder if their little boy would embarrass them by humping legs of unsuspecting guests. I can honestly say that none of my four boys ever humped anyone’s legs. They have on occasion demanded to be held. One day I had several workmen in to look at plans for a remodel and soon found each man was cradling a Maltese. I did offer to take them but everyone was content.

As you know all my Maltese are adults now and two are seniors getting up there in age. When they leave us, I will be looking for a boy especially since AngelBaby will miss Shiloh as much as we will. Of course, not everyone wants a pack but I think two Maltese is lovely balanced number.

Thank you for all of your thoughtfulness and help over the years,

Serene (Owner of 5 Storybook Maltese)