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Storybook Maltese

Oh my goodness, our sweet boy is truly a dream come true! It took us five whole years of waiting to finally get our hands on him from Angel’s Maltese, but let me tell you, he was well worth every second of the wait AND every pretty penny!

With his luscious jet black pigment and a coat as bright as freshly fallen snow, he is nothing short of stunning! But his looks aren't the only thing that's impressive about him. This little guy has stolen our hearts with his endless affection and irresistible charm. He is a total MOMMA's BOY, and I can't help but adore him for it, especially since my husband usually steals all the dogs!

Despite his soft and tenderhearted nature, he is not afraid to show his playful side. When he's bouncing gleefully around the living room with his furry friends, he just radiates pure joy!

And let me tell you, Gigolo is a good boy with a heart full of nothing but love and loyalty. He never ceases to please us and is always eager to shower us with kisses. He finished his Championship before he even turned one year old! I could sum him up in just one word, and that would be: GENTLE!

Oh, and did I mention his adult weight is a precious 5 lbs? We are so lucky to have him in our lives, and we will cherish him forever!

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Champion Angels Rumour Has It He’s A Storybook Gigolo