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CH Storybook’s Lagacy of Billy - The Kid

Oh, our dear Billy! He's the apple of our eye, the sunshine in our lives. We couldn't be prouder of him! Billy's lineage is nothing short of impressive. He's the son of Chaca's Hillbilly Swaggar, a Maltese with a pedigree so impressive, it's almost unreal. And Billy himself is a true champion, having completed his championship at a very young age!

We still remember the day he won Best Puppy In Show and AKC Puppy of Achievement. The judge couldn't resist his charm and charisma. And why would he? Billy is the epitome of perfection - his coat is as white as snow, and his eyes are so bright and full of life.

But what really sets Billy apart is his personality. He's a very loving and playful boy, and he never misses an opportunity to show us how much he cares. His favorite thing to do is steal kisses - he's a natural at it! And he always aims for our lips, rarely ever missing the target.

Being around Billy is a joy - he's always up for a game of fetch or a cuddle session. And even though he's a champion, he never lets it go to his head. He's still the same lovable pup we fell in love with from the start. We can't wait to see what the future holds for our dear Billy!

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